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Cream Cheese Topping

This is the classic topping for carrot cake and perfect on the Henry Langdon Chai Spice Tea Cake

Pumpkin Scones with Henry Langdon Chermoula

A savoury alternative to scones with jam and cream.

Chocolate Chai Biscotti

This recipe is based on traditional twice baked Italian sweet biscuit.

Crispy Dukkah Chicken Tenders

The sweet, sour & spicy flavours, together with the crispy texture from the dukkah coating will take your chicken tenders to the next level.

Scandanavian Brownies with Henry Langdon Pure Cocoa

The richness of the cocoa is the highlight of this luxurious brownie which is wonderfully enhanced by some Henry Langdon’s finest gourmet ingredients.

Roasted Pumpkin Dip with Henry Langdon Roasted Spice Sea Salt Rub

Caramelized pumpkin and onion dip highlighted with a hint of Roasted Spice Sea Salt Rub.
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