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The Henry Langdon range of gourmet spice blends will take you on a culinary journey around the globe. We have sourced the freshest herbs and spices to create a range of blends that bring a modern twist to traditional flavours. Including the the sweet and aromatic Ras el Hanout, with over 16 different herbs and spices, all four blends are packed with the flavour and freshness to turn the simplest of dishes into gourmet meals.

Our spice blends will save you hours of time by combining gourmet spices into a convenient ready-to-use blend. With Henry Langdon’s 160 year’s of experience, you can trust that our spice blends are authentic and high quality.

The spice blends provide more than a depth of flavour, the numerous spices offer a variety of health benefits too. Cumin can assist digestion, boost immunity and provide antiviral and antibacterial properties. Turmeric can increase antioxidant capacity and Coriander can assist to decrease blood pressure.

The blends can be used as a spice rub, combined with a little oil to create a marinade or incorporated into dishes like casseroles, cous cous or risotto.

Henry Langdon – proudly Australian owned and operated for over 160 years.

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100g Jar

Moroccan spice blend using fragrant herbs and spices with the tang of lemon.


120g Jar

An aromatic Egyptian blend of hazelnuts, sesame seeds and spices.

Greek Yiros

100g Jar

A Greek style blend of fragrant herbs and spices with a tang of lime.

Ras el Hanout

120g Jar

A rich, complex and fragrant blend of 16 spices, made in the spice merchant traditions of Morocco and Tunisia.

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