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We at Henry Langdon are very proud of our range of gluten-free home bake cake mix and cookie mix.

The range includes; a Chocolate Lava Cake, rich and decadent mini chocolate cakes with a soft gooey centre. A French classic, Gateaux au Citron, a delicious fluffy lemon cake using almond meal and real lemon zest.  An authentic Chai Spice Tea cake using our exotic chai spice blend, already perfected in our other chai spice products and amazing Chocolate Cracked Top Cookies, perfect for afternoon tea and super easy to make.

The latest addition to our gluten free cake / cookie mix range is a crispy golden ginger spiced biscuit and a melt in your mouth, sweet buttery shortbread.

Chai Spice Tea Cake


This is a spicy tea cake style mix that can be used in many variations.

Chocolate Cracked Cookie Mix


These little cookies are so easy to make and completely delicious – good luck not eating the whole batch! Enquire within for more information on our gourmet products.

Chocolate Lava Cake


Home bake mix to create a delicious gluten free dessert.

Gateaux au Citron


The perfect gluten-free cake for afternoon tea, morning tea, or anytime.

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