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Henry Langdon is pleased to be able to introduce you to real cocoa products. Using the finest Dutch cocoa powder and the freshest spices, Henry Langdon has created a range of cocoas and chai that are truly delectable. Our hot chocolates are made with pure Dutch process cocoa and our unique chocolate crystals The cocoa, with its rich velvety texture and fullness of flavour is perfect for baking. Try a hot chocolate using the chilli cocoa, or add some cocoa and chai to your next batch of brownies. But don’t limit yourself to sweets. Try adding some to your next curry

The Chai Latte, Honey Chai Latte and Vanilla Chai Latte have been blended using the freshest traditional spices to ensure your full enjoyment of the chai experience.  All are dairy free and sweetened with a touch of honey.

Henry Langdon Chai is popular for its unique, rich flavour developed from a variety of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves.

Try mixing it with warm milk – it will warm you up on a cold day!

Henry Langdon – proudly Australian owned and operated for over 160 years.

Chai Latte

280g Tin

Henry Langdon has combined the perfect blend of spice and flavours for a full flavoured and authentic chai experience with the natural sweetness of honey.

Chilli Cocoa

200g Tin

Henry Langdon has combined the velvet tones of pure cocoa with the rich warmth of Chilli Spice. Add a Chilli accent to all your chocolate baking recipes such as chocolate puddings, cakes & biscotti.

Cocoa and Chai Spice

160g Tin

Henry Langdon’s signature Chai spice blend has been combined with the velvet tones of pure cocoa to create a spicy cocoa that will simmer.

Drinking Chocolate

285g Tin

Pure Cocoa combined with crystals of pure dark chocolate.

Drinking Chocolate Malt


A new addition to our delicious Drinking Chocolate Range

Drinking Chocolate Mocha


A new addition to our delicious Drinking Chocolate Range

Honey Chai Latte

280g Tin

A sweet blend of chai style spices with an extra hint of honey.

Pure Cocoa

160g Tin

Exactly that, 100% Pure Dutch Cocoa Powder. The deep brown contours reveal a distinctive chocolate bouquet and upon tasting, an intense chocolate flavour. Ideal for baking.

Vanilla Chai Latte

280g Tin

Classic chai flavours with a touch of vanilla.

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