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Dutch Cocoa PowderDutch Cocoa PowderDutch Cocoa PowderDutch Cocoa Powder

Pure Dutch Cocoa Powder

160g Tin
Exactly that, 100% Pure Dutch Cocoa Powder. The deep brown contours reveal a distinctive chocolate bouquet and upon tasting, an intense chocolate flavour. Ideal for baking.


The basic process of producing cocoa powder from cocoa beans involves fermenting, roasting, and hulling. The cocoa nibs which are produced during this process are turned into a paste which is pressed and removes a significant portion of the cocoa butter. This is then dried and ground.

Dutch Cocoa Powder is ideal for those who enjoy smooth but rich chocolate flavor with slight earthy notes. It’s great for hot chocolate, biscuits, dessert sauce and puddings

This is slightly different to the regular cocoa powder which is used in common supermarket brand chocolate and chocolate powder. Normal chocolate powder will taste naturally acidic. The great thing about the European Style Dutch Cocoa Powder is that it’s made using a process which neutralizes the acidity. The cacao beans are washed with a potassium solution which neutralizes the acidity. That’s why is it’s so smooth and rich! You’ll notice the colour is much darker, with an almost reddish colour – this is a byproduct of the Dutching process.

If you’re baking with this, remember to add baking powder instead of baking soda. And if you’re following a recipe which doesn’t specify which cocoa powder to use, check to see if they list baking powder or soda on the ingredients list. Natural powder can be swapped for Dutch Cocoa Powder, just remember it will result in differences in not only the flavor but the texture as well. 

Henry Langdon Pure Cocoa is 100% cocoa powder, with nothing added.  It is perfect for use in your favorite hot chocolate, iced cocoa or any of the thousands of gourmet recipes that call for a quality cocoa powder.  For a hot chocolate that is a little different but delightful on the taste buds, try making it by adding your Henry Langdon Pure Cocoa and a little sugar to boiling water, then top off with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream! Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, research is beginning to show that cocoa not only tastes good but may soon prove to be good for us, both emotionally and physicallyCheck out our recipes...


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